Virtually everyone knows a talented Musician or Songwriter that is struggling to make it in the Modern Music Industry.  It is very difficult to be “discovered” in today’s climate.  And the ones who are fortunate enough to get a Labels interest are often pressured to sign a one-sided 360 degree wholesale nfl jerseys contract.

The sad fact of the matter is that even if they do sign a contract, there is zero guarantee that the record company will cheap jerseys actually promote the artist.  All too often the artist ends up signing their name, music, copyrights, and career over to a Company only to find out they are still on their own.  All too often they wake up one day realizing that they owe the Label that was supposed to help them hundreds of thousands of dollars, that they are “Controlled” by an organization that is not in the business of music — they are in the business of making money for their shareholders and investors, and with they have zero ability to get out of the long-form rock solid contract!

The Foundation for Musicians and Songwriters represents the artist that would otherwise not have a voice. Through the generosity and philanthropy of our donors, FMS provides services similar to a record label without binding those we serve into any contract.

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The story that is as old as the Music Industry

It cheap nba jerseys is very difficult to be a young artist and turn away a development deal and a check for more money than they have ever seen in their lives!  Countless musicians and songwriters have been in this situation.  Recent news about Prince (RIP) highlights the struggles that even an artist as accomplished as he was faced.

“Record contracts are just like — I’m gonna say the word — slavery,” Prince said as recently as August while speaking to a group of reporters at his Chanhassen, Minnesota, recording studio, Paisley Park. “I would tell any young artist … don’t sign.” —
Prince Warns Young Artists: Record Contracts Are ‘Slavery’, Rolling Stone Magazine, August 19, 2015

Prince was an incredibly famous Musician that also had incredible resources, yet he was unable to get out of his contract with Warner.  This is a story we all need to take to heart.  We hear about Prince.  He can get articles into Rolling Stone.  What about the thousands of others who end up bankrupt and unable to sing their own music without paying royalties to their Label?

  • When musicians and songwriters sign over their copyrights, this is precisely what happens.

Want another story of a famous PPT powerful rocker that had to file bankruptcy and nearly give up his career to fight a record label?
Tom Petty’s Real-Life Nightmares, Rolling Stone Magazine, January 17, 2015

The Foundation for Musicians and Songwriters purpose is to help musicians develop their careers so when they do get to the point of signing a “Record Deal” they have the leverage to negotiate a fair contract.

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Here’s a good video interview from Liquid Web’s This Week in Music with Scott Roger who is the Manager of Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire, Noah and the Wale, BDI and others.  They talk about how Scott has navigated the complicated record industry.  Scott Roger is one of the few managers out there that understand the music industry well enough to help his clients navigate it successfully.  Of course, most artist can’t afford or even get a meeting with someone like Mr. Roger.   This is another area where FMS can make a difference for the artist we represent — without taking any money, copyrights or intellectual property from them.

Music Matters — Future Generations are Counting on us!

Every generation has created new music that has influenced future generations — Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, EDM, etc.  Every genre of music can be heard in the next.  The Rolling Stones, in fact, were deeply influenced in the UK by the Blues music that was coming out of America.  Heck, they got their name from a Muddy Waters tune titled “Rollin’ Stone!”  If the Blues music wasn’t being recorded and shared from America, the chances are we would have never had the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, etc…

We have been fortunate as a society to have had an industry wholesale mlb jerseys that, good or bad, has backed artist and helped them get their music out.  That all started to change sometime around the Napster era circa 2001.  15-years later, music is not being created or discovered like it once was.  Now days there is more music available in the word than ever, but there is no filter that helps people discover music they like.  It is very difficult for the average consumer to weed through the constant barrage of media hitting them daily.

Musicians need to create music that targets their core audience and generate fans if they ever want to make it in the music business.  Fans drive plays, which drives credibility, that drives interest, that drives revenue…  And the entire process starts by creating good quality music that is at a level that consumers expect — not a Garageband competition recorded in the basement.

The Foundation for Musicians and Songwriters can, and will, make a difference…

The Foundation for Musicians and Songwriters was established to help in cheap jerseys all areas of artist development.  FMS through the generous donations of our sponsors can bring in the resources artist need to establish a career that can influence future generations.

FMS has the connections, insight, eCommerce expertise and business And acumen that the vast majority of Musicians and Songwriters don’t have.  Accordingly, as a 501(c)(3) organization, donations to FMS are 100% tax deductible, which helps our Donors pay-it-forward and promote the continuation of music for future generations — benefiting all of humanity.  As a Music Foundation, every dollar we rase is used to develop the artist so they can make a living in the Music Industry and get their music to the world.

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